Why us?

Katana1’s high touch engagement model builds trusted partnerships with clients and technology partners. 

“Katana1 is

“I told our google account manager that we needed technical help. I was immediately escorted into a taxi, and the next thing I knew I was locked in a room full of crazy long swords and intense-looking people. They forced me to work out our cloud solution. I was so scared that I finished the draft of a full solution in under 4 hours. Will definitely do it again. Seriously though, Katana1 is rad.”

Yifan Gu, CTO Earth AI

Katana1 Story

2011, a few drinks and the story of Katana1 was born. Our clients are Samurai’s and a Samurai is never without their trusted Katana. We help cut a path through the technology landscape and vendor bull dust. 

Katana was taken, so Katana1. We’re pretty simple and simply put we work in partnership with our clients, forever.

If you leave, we’ll find you.

Technology Focus Areas

We’re experts in our focus areas and enjoy building solid, scalable systems. Pushing both you and your data. All while adding that local (non-US) touch.

GCP Foundations & Cloud Super Sprints

Vendors Cloud foundations and sprints are usually drawn out, multi-hundred thousand dollar engagements. We’ve minimised the noise, removed the bits you don’t want, changed the Z to S and put the U in colour.

Google Big Data & Splunk Analytics

We’re a top Australian data analytics partner focussed on building data pipelines, scalable high-performance systems, onboarding and cleansing datasets with building super pretty dashboards. 

GKE & GCE Tuning

Damn we love GKE & GCE at Katana1! Trying to get you access to those golden preemptible instances, saving 70-80% on compute, building systems that continue to smash through data even when one or more of their friends gets taken out, BOOM! another one it deployed. CPUs, GPUs and flippin TPUs. 

Cloud & Analytics Managed Services

Some things your good at, some things you can’t invest in. Focus on what you do best and let us take on what we do best. We don’t try to write our own algorithms, work out flight paths or offer home loans. Why do you try to do our job?

NetApp, PureStorage & Rubrik Integration

Integrating focussed vendor for high-speed, highly versatile management of data. Whether it is a service already plugged into GCP or you need to plug your own in.

Our Clients

Our Partners