Google Cloud & Katana1

Katana1 help integrate the Cloud into your business and help make it become your Cloud.

Cloud Start

Ideal for customers who want to learn more about the cloud, discuss their business needs to identify potential use cases, and find out what is involved in moving to the cloud.

Cloud Super Sprint

For customers who want to move a workload quickly onto GCP, have committed executive sponsorship, and have a fully engaged team to participate.

Cloud Plan

Ideal for customers who have decided to migrate to the cloud, have a more complex migration, and need a detailed plan to address their specific business cases and architectural needs.

Cloud Deploy

Ideal for customers who are actively building architecture and migrating workloads, and can benefit from regular access to Google Cloud subject matter experts.

Katana1 are investing considerable time and resources integrating Google’s Kubernetes platform, GKE. We’ve been introduced to some crazy interesting customers.

“GKE is mad. I love it.”

Earth AI and Muru Music are doing some hectic cool stuff with GKE. Katana1 help with foundations but we go to town trying to exploit preemptible instances and testing trick features like TPUs. Nerds love this type of shizzle. 

Ross Ogilvie, Katana1