We chose our technology battles and we’re an effective team as we focus within our field and on our customers. We do it better than the competition and we like to win.

to the guts”

“99% of what Reposit now knows about GCP stemmed from what Katana1 has taught us along the way. This includes everything from the tech to the billing to navigating Google internals and processes. We like to be very hands-on and “get to the guts” of how stuff works. I think this was a bit of a shift from how Katana1 but we really enjoyed it.”

Mike Leonard, CTO Reposit Power

Cloud Consulting & Engineering

Katana1 enhance your Google infrastructure experience by providing expertise to navigate Google Cloud, the good and the bad. Katana1 provide expertise in foundation architecture, design and deployment, GCP hosted applications, multi-Cloud connectivity and interfaces between on-premise and GCP.

Katana1 remain a common communication point when inevitable account changes occur within GCP.

Katana1 & Google Cloud

Navigation of the giant machine, monthly design sessions, access to the right SME for the right task. Our clients present to each other and share ideas, they talk about what Katana1 could have done better, quite a popular topic.

Fixed Time. Fixed Price

Need to lift and shift some workloads? Get GCP foundations up? Secure your Cloud instance? Katana1 rapid packs follow strict timelines and are fixed time and fixed price.

A Month to GCP

Our consultants work with your team, running workshops, mapping out requirements and integrations. We work alongside you and partner with you through your Cloud experience.

Aftermarket GKE

Preemptible GKE instances, test out the latest xPU on your workloads. Our customers love to swap notes and present how they’ve cracked preemptible GKE nodes stuffed with GPUs.

Data Analytics Consulting & Engineering

Service desk need to know the last few things a client was trying to achieve before calling? Want to know what your wind farm is doing? Need to track lungs flying on an air ambulance? Global threat view across impending rise of machines? Got anything we haven’t done before?

Managed Analytics

Architectural guidance to shape your analytics environment, configuration and day-to-day management. Katana1 resources become an extension of your team and gain a deep understanding of your business to provide excellent services. This collaboration increases the value of solutions Katana1 provides, resulting in tangible business value.

Security & Analytics

Building automated security workflows, collating data from every aspect of anything imaginable. Search petabytes of data in seconds, store data from loud services like end-point management for longer. Make sure you have the data, therefore the answers. Remember its always your fault when it come to the security blame game.

Hy-Cloud Integration Consulting & Engineering

Yes I just made that up, hy-Cloud. Clouds need help from the forgotten hero’s of yesterday. Katana1 stand strong with our ultra-fast, ultra-reliable tech and best of breed meta-data management platforms. We are not only Cloud natives, some of us have sailed the great oceans of technology and integrate the best platform for purpose.

None of you Cloud native’s know how to back anything up, your script sux and you can’t manage snapshots.

NetApp Anywhere Integration

A simple, fully managed file storage service integrated into Google Cloud with multi-protocol support, performance, and availability characteristics required to run enterprise and Windows applications seamlessly.

Google Partner of the year 2018.

Rubrik Everywhere Data Control

Rubrik harness metadata into a universal ledger, intelligently capturing insights on data changes, user permissions, and access activity. Rubrik data management applications exploit this proprietary metadata framework to address governance, compliance, data privacy regulations, ransomware activity, and cloud mobility.

Pure Storage Anywhere Integration

Enjoy Pure’s leading data efficiency, instant space-saving snapshots, and always-on encryption, in the cloud. Cloud Block Store provides industrial-strength reliability with its dual-core architecture and high availability across availability zones for mission-critical applications running in the cloud.

Cohesity Cloud Data Archival

Extend your infrastructure to the cloud for long-term retention, tiering and cloud backup. 

Back up to cloud, recover anywhere, and make use of data whenever and wherever you need.

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