PernixData Added to the k1 Tech Assault Line-up

k1 and Pernixdata join forces to to defeat storage strangling workloads, allowing storage administrators the peace they need to manage PetaBytes of data across the storage universe.

Re-Think Storage

Virtualisation has changed the way modern data centers operate. But storage systems haven’t been able to keep up, creating bottlenecks that hamper application performance. A new storage architecture is needed, one that moves storage intelligence closer to applications for faster performance, and decouples performance from capacity for cost effective growth. The answer is PernixData FVP™ software.


FVP Overview

PernixData FVP software is the premier platform for scale-out storage acceleration. It virtualises flash and RAM across servers to create a data acceleration tier that improves the performance of reads and writes to any shared storage system.

FVP Cluster™ Technology

PernixData’s unique architecture enables VMs to remotely access data from other hosts in a cluster. This ensures seamless VM mobility, and enables both read and write acceleration with complete fault tolerance.

Performance on Demand

FVP lets you add storage performance where and when you need it most. This maximises the performance of all virtual applications, while ensuring storage performance cost effectively grows along with your virtual infrastructure.

For a complete overview, and to save me copying/pasting the entire solution overview, please visit the PernixData product overview: