Katana1 Services


Katana1 are about data. Data, what value can you get from data and everything that revolves around data.

Mining, Security, Analytics, Storing, Replicating, DR, and Compute. Doesn’t matter where it resides, onsite, Cloud, hybrid – we have the know-how, certifications and most importantly – the best people and experience. Below are some examples of the expert services Katana1 provide around our data services.

Data Analytics

Service desk need to know the last few things a client was trying to achieve before calling? Want to know what your wind farm is doing? Need to track lungs flying on an air ambulance? Global threat view across impending rise of machines? K1 has the maddest and baddest data analytics skills in the business.



Need to download meteorological data directly into a Cloud region, spin up a compute farm, crunch it, email out-put and then send the data to Cold Storage, then blow it all away (three times a day). Katana1 will automate the shizzle out of your workflow.

Data Security

PCI and Enterprise Security certified. Katana1 have deployed SOCs for some of the biggest companies in Australia, in multiple fields. Finance, Aviation, Energy. Let Katana1 help your company know where you stand and get across and audit ready for the ASD8. Not knowing you’ve been hacked isn’t a valid excuse anymore.

Co Managed Services

Katana1 refer to our managed services offering as co-managed services. We tend to work with our clients and assist with the management of the platform we’ve been entrusted with. Katana1 assist with running some of the largest data analytics platforms in Australia, along with very larger multi-petabyte data instances, including hybrid model approaches.