Master your data

We are an extension of your team. Our goal is to help you achieve ultimate mastery in our joint domain.

“Really geek out.”

“We have been with Katana1 since their inception. They have been our go-to people for everything from production storage architecture and design through to POC’s for Infrastructure as code and monitoring solutions. A great team of people who really geek out on the tech they provide and support”

Brett Clarke, Cloud Architect  Deloitte

Our story

We are focussed systems integrators. We work with our clients and partners building great systems and relationships.

Integration Areas

Google Cloud

We’ve mastered our areas of Google Cloud, our clients like to share their ideas and we love building hot tech and hacking things out.

Data Analytics & Security

We’re a top Australian data analytics partner focussed on building data pipelines, scalable high-performance systems, onboarding and cleansing datasets with super pretty dashboards. 

Managed Services

Some things your good at, some things you won’t invest in. Focus on what you do best, we don’t try to write our own algorithms, work out flight paths or offer home loans. Why do you try to do our job?

Massive Scale Data Management

Some of the old ways still exist but can be long forgotten wherever the data is. These data problems usually creep up and surprise you much later and are super ugly. 

High-Performance Storage

Hand-in-hand with data management, high-performance storage is required wherever your data resides. You can still plug your high-speed arrays into the Cloud.

Our Clients

Our Partners